VIBSA is a custom-made vibration sensor used for measurement of machines health. VIBSA is designed and manufactured in Denmark and persist of the finest, high quality components to achieve market leading precision in the collected data. When Hexastate is predicting machines health, it is vital that the data used for analysis is gathered with extreme precision. Our solutions depend on highest quality hardware to make the foundation for accurate reporting of machine health.

VIBSA is powered by a head unit, which is also custom-made. The head unit not only powers VIBSA – it also processes the data and handles the data transfer to the cloud. Thereby, the data is already prepared for data analysis, when it is transferred to the cloud.

Extreme precision

VIBSA is custom-made, thus ensuring the highest precision in every measurement – because a production flow is too costly to base on weak estimates.

Ecofriendly design

The basic setup of VIBSA is only collecting data for a few moments every day. That is ensuring a minimal power usage and less pressure on our environment.


With VIBSA, all you have to do is check the software – then you instantly know if there are any problems and where they are. The reliability is providing production teams peace of mind to focus on problems that really matter.

Digitalize productions

With VIBSA, it is now possible for the machines to communicate when they need maintenance. Digitalize productions and make communication with machines easier and more accessible.

3D Rendering of VIBSA

3D Rendering of head unit