Did you know that with Hexastate, you can become a more environmentally friendly company, while also reducing operating costs?

In a time with big fluctuations in energy prices and impending CO2 quotas, there is a very good incentive to focus resources into green transitioning. Additionally, it has become a valuable selling point, as many consumers are now purchasing based on their climate-conscience.

With our maintenance solution you’ll get a deeper insight into the health of your machinery, and that can amount to several green improvements. Today, many companies utilize a preventive maintenance strategy, doing maintenance in set intervals to minimize the risk of a breakdown. Potentially large amounts of spare parts, lubrication and man-hours are used with this approach, leading to a waste of resources that could be used elsewhere in the company. By utilizing Hexastates predictive maintenance solution, you ensure that you only perform maintenance when it is necessary, thereby saving costs and natural resources.

Unfortunately, we still see examples of companies who use a reactive (run-to-failure) maintenance strategy, and in these cases, there are major improvements to be done. When machinery isn’t maintained on a regular basis, friction will build up over time, causing the machine to be less energy efficient. Prevention of this friction build-up can save up to 40% in energy consumption, with corresponding savings in CO2-emissions.

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