Hexastate receives the Novi NewTech 2019 grant worth of DKK 300.000

As being published by Novi by the 3rd May 2019, Hexastate have won the Novi NewTech grant of 250.000 DKK, as well as office space, financial and law assistance worth of 50.000 DKK. By receiving the grant from the experienced and skilled board at Novi, we interpret it as the board believes in our mission and our ability to reach our goal of making condition-based maintenance available for every manufacturing company out there. Malte Nørgaard, one of the co-founders of Hexastate and business developer, pronounce: “With this grant great opportunities arise, and we will try our best to show the discipline and commitment, we are made of.

At the moment we are in the finishing part of our development process of the first version of our vibration sensor, VIBSA. We have developed the first generation of our visualization tools, and we look forward putting it into test in the real world within the next couple of weeks,” stated Steffen Nielsen, one of the co-founders of Hexastate. After a long and slightly delayed development process, Hexastate is testing the product in the next couple of months, while new updates to the software is being developed.

At Hexastate, we look forward for the coming period of tests and development, and we hope to bring a high-quality product to market in the near future.

Watch the presentation of Hexastate following this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5zTZhC_4Yw

Read the press release from Novi by pressing the following link: https://novi.dk/dk/nyheder/nyheder-fra-novi/novi-newtech-legatet-uddelt-til-hexastate