How Hexastate makes a difference

Machine health monitoring

The largest request we get from our customers is to help them get insights into their machine’s performance and estimates on when their machines are going to break down. With the Hexastate solution it becomes possible to monitor and predict machines faults up to three months before they happen. Our Artificial Intelligence powered software sets intelligent alarms, so it becomes possible to track when a component starts to act or show signs of faulty behavior. When an alarm goes off, the software system interprets the data and gives suggestion on what could be wrong with the machine. This enables our customers to act quick and plan maintenance of the machine. In general, our vibration sensors monitor vibrations all the way up to 10 kHz plus temperature, which enables our software to follow anomalies in the data from an early stage. Being able to track vibration data early on and interpret data over time provides our software with the most solid foundation to predict when machines will break down. Our software is only as good as the data we get in why we have chosen the sensors that gives the best output and are highly reliable. The health monitoring protocols for our solution is developed after ISO standards why it can be implemented in close to all production facilities.

Asset Lifetime Utilization

It is common that maintenance of production equipment is performed in specific cycles for time-based maintenance. If we look at a bearing in a machine, then we know that under optimal circumstances that this bearing will run 12 months before breaking down. Experiences have shown that it is almost impossible to make e.g. the beforementioned bearing run at its optimal 12 months in a production facility. This is why companies have used preventive maintenance for many years meaning that instead of waiting 12 months to change the bearing, they change it after 7-10 months to avoid breakdowns. In general, in these maintenance cycles, the components are replaced to be sure that the production line can function until next maintenance stop. At Hexastate we do not think this is the optimal maintenance practice. With condition-based maintenance you can get strong estimates on the remaining life time of your components by continuously collecting data and analyzing it with or artificial intelligence powered software system. In that way, components are not replaced to early and the maintenance costs are then significantly reduced.

Production Optimization

As lean philosophy is getting more popular among manufacturing enterprises, it is becoming essential to optimize and plan the production ahead and keeping the production lines extremely reliable and precise. With a Hexastate solution it this goal can be achieved by implementing condition-based maintenance in your production. By using our vibration sensors, you can get insights of your machines and can adjust machine to optimal condition for maximization of production output. There are different scenarios where vibrations can be used to give qualified insights into machines behaves when adjusting and optimizing the output.