Hexastate's software is your own analysis expert

With Hexastate CONNECT makes vibration analysis accessible for anyone.

Our software automatically analyse data from your machines and tells you how their condition is.

Without you having to be an analysis expert.

Smarten Your Production With Hexastate

Hexastate CBM Solutions combines artificial intelligence with the newest technologically advanced wireless sensors known today. Our artificial intelligence  and machine learning powered analysis system enables our customers to act as vibration experts without any prior knowledge within the field of condition-based maintenance. Our software enables you to predict when machines will break down and offers you actionable feedback so you  know what to do to fix your machines

CBM gjort smartere

Increases uptime

Planning maintenance ahead, allows you to have no unexpected downtime, thereby increasing the production uptime

Prevents Breakdowns

Our system uses Artificial Intelligence to learn when your machines are about to break down, allowing you to schedule a repair in advance

Lower maintenance costs

Knowing the specific moment a machine needs to be repaired, prevents unnecessary repairs and maintenance  

What's behind our AI-powered Connect software?

Artificial Intelligence can mean a lot of different things, but when we say AI-powered, we mean that we have advanced algorithms which are made from different data sources. These data sources include everything from hardcore signal processing, scientific research and all the way to using our own data as the main driver for optimizing the algorithms. In our data analytical process, we work with Machine Learning to take the analysis to the next level, enabling you, as an end-user, to get as strong feedback as possible so you can understand you machines in the best way.


Our solution is cloud based making your data both secure and accessible in an instant, which will help you act fast and reduce production downtime

Avoid long searches for the correct sensor, as our vibration sensors are market leading, and functions in even the toughest environments

With our technology you will be able to detect breakdowns in your production way before they happen

Avoid heavy startup costs of your CBM solution. We offer a low cost subscription-based CBM solution, making it possible to try out the advantages of CBM with small monthly fees

You get access to our Artificial Intelligence powered software with an easy to understand interface helping you predict and plan your maintenance

With Hexastate as your CBM partner, you don’t have to worry about training of employees – Hexastates CONNECT solution will be a plug and play solution, enabling you to focus on the things that matter for your business