Case 1

Condition monitoring of cooling systems

A large pharmaceutical company wanted to secure the operational functionality of cooling pumps for a critical part of their production of insulin.

Why did they contact Hexastate CBM Solutions?

The company had a general wish for gaining deeper insights into their machines and wanted to help avoid unwanted downtime in their production. They specifically wanted to help monitor and understand the behavior of several pumps in their cooling system. The cooling system consists of a set amount of cold storage rooms, for which the coolant is supplied by the pumps. Each room contains several finished insulin products, and if the room is not kept at the right temperature there is a risk that the insulin could spoil.

Measuring pumps manually and performing a manual analysis is associated with risks of not catching the fault in machines in time, due to the sporadic measurements of the machine and level of human analysis. Wanting a continuously improved understanding of machines calls for a data-driven and online monitoring solution to understand what is wrong with the machine and what to do about it.

The product is only as good as the professionals using it

Throughout a strong collaboration between Hexastate CBM Solutions and pharmaceutical company, the AI-powered CONNECT system triggered an alarm within 24 hours of deployment. This early warning meant that the maintenance team had time to plan the maintenance of the pumps in time, avoiding a potential costly and time-consuming breakdown.

In the process of using the system, the maintenance team had some feedback for the alarm system and alarm trigger functionality, which was implemented and is in use in today’s version of the AI-powered CONNECT software. At Hexastate CBM Solutions we believe that the CONNECT software can always be optimized, which is why we always do our best to listen to the professionals using our solutions.

What was the result of all this?

The system responsible for cooling down the storage rooms for finished insulin products had a pump which showed signs of malfunction. With the help of data from the CONNECT software it was possible to get an early warning of a potential problem and thus avoid an unwanted breakdown.

Increased understanding of the pumps functionality and when the pumps could break down enabled the maintenance professionals to be proactive in their maintenance strategy.