Case 3

Since our inception, we have worked with various manufacturing companies and suppliers of production equipment with the goal of helping them or their customers avoid as many unforeseen crashes in their production as possible.

One of the companies we have an ongoing collaboration with is a large company that supplies plants for the food processing industry. In Hexastate, we were challenged by this company to investigate whether it would be possible to monitor and analyze different machines that have their own vibration patterns. We send our vibration experts out to the company where, over a short period of time, we gathered data to predict when various incidents occurred. Through a variety of different methods of analysis we found that we can separate different machines from each other and tell very specifically what happened. This meant that the company was able to move forward with the solution, where we are in collaboration looking for a larger solution.

We were confirmed that with solid experience in vibration analysis of different machinery we can help even where the case is not right. This scenario explains what we at Hexastate can help your business with. We have experience with a wide variety of motors, pumps and systems that can be monitored to avoid crashes. Our maintenance system which includes sensors, Cloud solution, artificial intelligence software and quick support from our vibration experts, you have a solution that can fit in most production companies without the need for knowledge in vibration analysis, system setup and training. 

We make a virtue of making it as easy for our customers as possible, so the only thing you have to do is give us information about your machine and we will configure everything for you. As soon as you receive your sensors, you can simply set the gateway that collects data for power, and you also have a full monitoring system to help you avoid crashes in your production.