Vibration Parameters:

  1. Rotor Bow
  2. Loose Rotor Bars
  3. Loose Rotor Windings
  4. Shorted Laminations
  5. Eccentric Rotor / Stator
  6. Grounding Fault
  7. SCR Tuning Fault 
  8. Phase Loss
  9. Loose Connectors
  10. DC Motor Hunting


  1. Broken rotor bars, odd current flow in the rotor.
  2. Problems with assembly or faulty motor conditions.
  3. Abrades the insulation on the wire and stator failure.
  4. Local heating and resultant thermal warping.
  5. Variable air gap between the rotor and the stator which induces a pulsating source of vibration.
  6. Engine not being grounded properly.
  7. Vibration pattern shows signs of a SCR fault in turning.
  8. Blown fuse, thermal overload, broken wire, etc …
  9. Loss of a phase in a 3 phase motor, local heating and thermal warping.
  10. Load containing harmonic torque or a fault in the supply system.