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Food Manufacturer follows tons of standards for food regulations, safety and compliance imposed by the FDA. Unexpected breakdowns can create huge asset costs having a massive amount of product wasted.

      • 90% of food processing companies losing more than 80.000 Euro/Hour by breakdown issues
      • 33% OF Processing companies losing more than 0.8 Million Euro/Hour by breakdown issues

Hexastate CONNECT can monitor your equipment with no downtime’s issues, constantly analysing the condition of your equipment  with a wireless sensor you can optimize your production reducing breakdown possibility and increasing work space safety.

Hexastate CONNECT monitors the following food processing Assets:

      • Gearbox for food or Liquid Mixer
      • Liquid – Solid Separation Machinery
      • Packaging and Conveyor Machines
      • Pumps 
      • Refrigeration Compressors 
      • HVAC Systems