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Hexastate to contest at the Venture Cup National Startup Competition 2019


Hexastate has been selected for contesting in the National Startup Competition 2019 hosted by the organization behind Venture Cup. The semifinals will be held on Thursday, 20th June at IDA, Copenhagen, in which Hexastate will be contesting three other startups in the Product-category for the prize of 20.000 DKK.

If Hexastate becomes the winner in the category, we will enter the finals with the winners of the other categories, and contest for the prize of additional 100.000 DKK at the award show. The finals will be held on Friday, 21st June also at IDA, Copenhagen.

Hexastates participation in the finals has the purpose of seeking funding for development of Hexastates CONNECT solution. The CONNECT solution will be developed in the heading of an automated system based on AI and Machine Learning, in which resources are needed to accomplish.

The finals format is based on four categories, where Hexastate is accepted in the Product category, contesting three other danish startups. Each winner of a category will receive a prize of 20.000 DKK and acquire a spot in the final. The four winners from the categories will contest for the additional 100.000 DKK prize and the title as winner of the National Startup Competition 2019. The competition requires each startup to pitch for four minutes and afterwards go through a Q&A with the jury.

For more information of the event and booking of tickets, please visit the Venture Cup website: https://venturecup.dk/nsc/