Hexastate CONNECT

Our CONNECT software is powered by our advanced artificial intelligence engine which can analyze data, interpret what is happening with a machine, give alarms when a machine is starting to fail and, in the end, give qualified maintenance feedback to you as a customer to help you understand what actions could be done to fix a given situation.



The interface is the place you as a customer will look when you are using CONNECT. The interface is developed to be as simple and user friendly as possible why we only have two different pages you can look at as our software is doing most of the work for you behind the scenes. The user interface includes: Frontpage The frontpage shows all your machines and to the right there is an alarm system that updates everytime the our sensors collect data from your machines. When the data is analyzed by our AI-powered software the machine is categorized after a green, yellow and red light showing whether the machine is about to break down or not. Specific machine page Every machine has its own page on which you can, if an alarm has been triggered, see what what type of fault our system has found and how you can correct the fault before the machine breaks down.


Artificial Intelligence can mean a lot of different things, but when we say AI-powered, we mean that we have advanced algorithms which are made up from different data sources. These data sources include everything from hardcore signal processing, scientific research and all the way to using our own data as the main driver for optimizing the algorithms. In our data analytical process, we work with Machine Learning to take the analysis to the next level enabling you, as an end-user, to get as strong feedback as possible so you can understand your machines in the best way.


Hexastate CONNECT is relying on high quality data, to get the most of the AI-powered software. Thats why we use some of the most precise and reliable wireless sensors on the market today.
Our sensors can monitor at very high frequencies making it possible to predict machine failure on a very early stage.
We can use both a tri-axial and single axial sensor to monitor your machines which increases the chance of collecting the most relevant data to perform our advanced analytics on your machines.

Vibration and frequency detector


Our solution is cloud based, making your data both secure and accessible in an instant, which will help you act fast and optimize your production.

With our technology you will be able to detect breakdowns in your production way before they happen.

You get access to our Artificial Intelligence powered software with an easy to understand interface, helping you plan and predict your maintenance.


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