Learn how Smart Sensors can help you avoid dangerous situations

10-03-2020 | Condition monitoring and preventive maintenance

Production companies usually train their employees with routines to keep safe even in dangerous circumstances.

Although these trainings are very useful for the safety of your employees, sudden breakdowns and machine faults can put your team in danger.

How condition-based maintenance can help you out?

Wireless sensors & remote monitoring

Vibration and frequency detector

Smart sensors can minimize hazards.

By collecting data with wireless sensors of your machines, can reduce the need for planned maintenance routes and employee’s exposure to danger.

In the long run, it can improve your processes and reduce maintenance costs by 50%.

Here are some details about our solution using wireless IoT sensors and AI-powered software to quantify the health of your machine:


Hexastates CONNECT software and IoT sensors provide you with a 24/7 monitoring system. Our artificial intelligence software can keep track of your machine measurements and automatically quantifies the health of your machine. Our software transforms the data into actionable feedback through an easy to use interface.


Multiple sensors can be deployed and connected with a single gateway. While your teams can focus on their core business, all the data is displayed in our cloud-based APP, whenever a sensor detects any malfunction on your machine, we will notify you through e-mail/ SMS, with details of the fault.     

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