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Studies show that CBM can reduce operations and maintenance cost by up to 56,5 %

A case study from 2013 presents how a condition-based maintenance (CBM) program can be used to utilize field data and usage data to minimize unnecessary maintenance and reduce operations costs. The case study research is performed in the health care sector on medicine dispensing products. The research is performed by replacing the reactive maintenance and time-based predictive maintenance program with a condition-based maintenance program in a hospital. 

Following these changes, it opens for the possibilities to detect failures in equipment way before it happens. The cost benefit analysis of this case study shows that the relative savings of the service costs by transitioning to a condition-based maintenance program is at least 6% and all the way up to 43.7%. By elimination of the time-based predictive maintenance program the savings will increase in range to 56.5%.

Source: https://bit.ly/2U8nHXo