“Hexastates vision is to help manufacturing companies avoid expensive breakdowns in their production by developing the leading IoT and AI-powered predictive maintenance solution in the industry. Through a combination of IoT sensors and advanced analytics Hexastate predicts breakdowns before they happen, saving our customers millions by letting them perform controlled shutdowns and only replace worn or broken machine parts.” - CEO & Co-founder, Malte Nørgaard


Hexastate started its journey in a small apartment but quickly outgrew this when onboarding some of the largest production companies in Denmark. Since the start Hexastate has worked with different sensor technologies and has developed strong capabilities within Artificial Intelligence and how it can deliver value for the end-user.

In the start Hexastate focused primarily on large global pharmaceutical and food processing companies but as the technology matured Hexastates end-to-end solution has become applicable in all industries using rotating machinery.

With Hexastate 4th generation algorithms customers get the chance to reap the benefits of AI-driven right away with no need to develop anything themselves as Hexastate delivers a full end-to-end predictive maintenance solution.





Malte Nørgaard

CEO - Sales & Partnerships

Email: mno@hexastate.com

Malte is a seasoned entrepreneur and has a wide range of knowledge about predictive maintence, IoT and AI. He makes sure that customers receive the right guideance before and after Hexastates solution has been implemented.


Shadi Lubbad

COO - Daily operations

Email: sal@hexastate.com

Shadi has worked as a Senior Infastructur Architect designing and Implementing IT infrastructure solution for many years and is taking care of day-to-day operations in Hexastate to ensure we meet our internal and external deadlines.



Christian Graae Zandersen

CTO - Software Architecture

Christian is the one in lead of Hexastate scalable software solution. He is the one that makes sure that our software is up and running and up to date when implementing new features and integration into external systems.


Steffen Nielsen

CDS - Lead Data Scientist

Steffen leads the development of Hexastates algorithms. He makes it possible for our end-users to understand their machines without having to be experts in machine health.



Senior Software engineer

Voldymyr contributes to the development of Hexastates scaleable software architecture focused on web and mobile app.


Afshin Loghmani Moghaddam Toussi

Data Scientist

 Afshin supports Hexastates development of algorithms through advanced signal processing optimizations.


Undine Maurite

UX Designer

 Undine ensures that Hexastates software is easy and effective to use


Jakub Czekala

Business Developer

Jakub is doing business development on the Polish and German market.