What's new?
  • From today, you will be able to monitor your production machines with Hexastate PREDICT. PREDICT comes with a web app accessible from and iOS and Android mobile apps which can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play Store by searching for "hexastate predict".
  • With PREDICT, you can monitor centrifugal pumps, AC motors, DC motors, EC motors and rolling element bearings.
  • Easy asset setup by mounting sensors on the machine and scanning the sensor QR-code with the mobile app.
Bug fixes
  • Nothing to report yet.


What's new?
  • The schedule for an asset is now formatted cleaner with time periods being pooled together and each day in the schedule can be toggled to reduce the space it takes up.
  • Added that the user receives an email with a link to the Edit Asset page, when logging hard maintenance from the mobile app. This makes it easier to save changes to an asset after maintenance.
  • Added country code extension field to the phone number field to ensure country codes are always added to a phone number, which reduces risks of SMS alarms not being sent due to the lack of country code information.
  • Added a new feature that allows for distributors to white label the software with their own logo, SMS, and email templates. Therefore, it is now possible to add your own logo into the system, and customize the alarms that are being sent to the end users - this could e.g. be customized with your contact information or company name.
  • It is now possible to see the sensor connections in the Asset Details page. Next to the asset information box you will now be able to see if a sensor is connected and sends measurements.
  • The system is now also available in danish.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug where asset condition notifications was shown without the old condition, e.g. "Asset changed condition from to unsatisfactory" to now be "Asset changed condition from satisfactory to unsatisfactory".
  • Fixed bug where SMS alarms were not sent if country codes wasn't provided in the user's phone number.
  • Fixed bug that changed the graphs size if screen had certain resolution.