Add-on 3 year software license subscription

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Hexastates PREDICT software is an AI-driven software system developed by Hexastate. PREDICT is a fully automated predictive maintenance software that uses advanced algorithms to analyze data from Hexastates high precision wireless sensors.

Fully automated predictive maintenance solution

A fully automated predictive maintenance solution means for you as an end-user that you do not have to be able to analyze the data yourself as Hexastates PREDICT software automatically analyzes the data. With a fully automated solution, it becomes possible to monitor from just a few machines to massive scale implementations.

For you as an end-user, you can set up sensors in minutes with the PREDICT mobile app and through the fully automated analysis to gain valuable insights into your machines so you know what to do when performing maintenance and avoiding a costly breakdown.

What's included:

  • Hexastates advanced 4th generation algorithms that combine different levels of artificial intelligence.
  • Access to the PREDICT web dashboard.
  • Access to the PREDICT IOS or Andriod mobile app which you can download on either Apple App Store and Google Play.
  • Cloud-storage on the secure Hexastate cloud.
  • The opportunity to integrate the PREDICT into your existing software systems through the Hexastate REST-API

Hexastates PREDICT software collects data from the Hexastate high precision vibration and temperature sensors. This makes it possible to detect abnormal behavior and combined with Hexastates AI-driven PREDICT software, it automatically detects fault types such as but not limited to:

  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Wear on e.g. bearings
  • Faulty installation of machinery

 does this mean for you as an end-user?

Easy to sensors in minutes with the PREDICT mobile app and QR-code scanner

With the PREDICT mobile app, it is not only possible to have an overview of your machines but you can also use it to scan the QR-code on the sensor for a quick and easy process when you are standing next to the machine.


You can use it for a few machines or do massive scale implementations

Using the newest wireless technology, it becomes possible to do small to massive scale implementations of sensors. With this, your organization avoids having to do manual measurements and/or use expensive wired hardware to collect data.

Product Information

This software license includes a 1 x 3-year add-on software subscription to Hexastates PREDICT software which can be used for 1 sensor.

(Software subscriptions only work with a sensor - if you want to buy a full kit with everything included click here: www.hexastate.com/products/kits)