Asset Lifetime Utilization

Asset lifetime utilization

It is common that maintenance of production equipment is performed in specific cycles for time-based maintenance. If we look at a bearing in a machine, then we know that under optimal circumstances that this bearing will run 12 months before breaking down. Experiences have shown that it is almost impossible to make e.g. the beforementioned bearing run at its optimal 12 months in a production facility. This is why companies have used preventive maintenance for many years meaning that instead of waiting 12 months to change the bearing, they change it after 7-10 months to avoid breakdowns. In general, in these maintenance cycles, the components are replaced to be sure that the production line can function until next maintenance stop. At Hexastate we do not think this is the optimal maintenance practice. With condition-based maintenance you can get strong estimates on the remaining life time of your components by continuously collecting data and analyzing it with or artificial intelligence powered software system. In that way, components are not replaced to early and the maintenance costs are then significantly reduced.

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