Automated Vibration Monitoring

Fully automated AI analysis making smart maintenance accessible for everybody

major features that make any maintenance professionals life easier

Automated machine health,
accessible to all

  • 24/7 continuous health monitoring with Hexastate’s platform
  • Comprehensive vibration analysis, effortlessly automated for all users
  • Suitable for users with varying technical expertise
  • Ensure optimal machine performance and prevent downtime

Automated fault trends,
actionable checklists

  • Automated fault symptom detection with PREDICT’s advanced software
  • Automatically identifies issues like shaft unbalance and bearing wear
  • Eliminates the need for manual analysis
  • Converts faults into actionable automated checklists and work orders

AI-driven alarms,
fully automated

  • Hexastates AI sets and manages alarms for you
  • Receive notifications via SMS or email
  • Complex data is filtered for reliable alarms
  • Continuous algorithm improvement for enhanced accuracy

Simple hardware installation,
seamless data streaming

  • Plug the Gateway into a power source
  • Mount the wireless sensors to your asset in less than 5 minutes
  • Automatically connect for real-time monitoring and data streaming
  • Accessible via a user-friendly web and mobile app

The Assets we specialize in


Pumps are one of the most critical asset types in most industries. By monitoring patterns in vibration, it becomes possible to prevent expensive pump failures.


Compressors play a vital role in many industries. Monitoring the vibration patterns in these machines is crucial in preventing costly failures and ensuring smooth operation.


Motors are an essential part of most productions. They are highly important to production uptime, as they ensure everything else is running smoothly.


Across all asset types, machine failures are often caused by misinstallation or wear in bearings. By predicting these types of faults you avoid expensive downtime.


HVAC systems comprise several critical asset types, and monitoring them can enhance reliability, minimize downtime, and streamline the maintenance process.

Let AI be your vibration expert

We convert your complex vibration data into actionable intelligence.

Get notified of any changes

When the system notices changes in the vibration patterns of your machine, you get an alarm by SMS or e-mail.

Normal Vibration Pattern

The AI vibration expert has a deep knowledge of your asset, and knows when it is running smoothly. The system is intelligent and will only react when it sees a specific fault or a worsening running pattern.

Anomalous Pattern Detected

A problem is registered in the vibration patterns, and the system sends out a notification. Along with the alert, it proposes a likely culprit for the fault, and makes a list of actions to perform during maintenance.

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