Fully Automated And Cost-Effective Predictive Maintenance Solution For All Plant Assets

By combining the latest sensor technology and advanced Artificial Intelligence software we are able to help you analyze complex vibration data without you having to be a vibration expert.

Hexastate helps you monitor all plant assets in a cost-effective way with our AI-driven IoT solution HEXASTATE PREDICT.

The new way of doing Predictive Maintenance.

So What Challenge Do We Help You Solve?

Current Solutions Focuses On Manual Analysis.

To really get something out of this you need to be an vibration expert with many years of experience. It makes sense when you want to monitor very critical machinery but expensive and difficult to scale or analyze this without any prior knowledge about vibration analysis.

We Fully Automated Everything.

By using AI we are able to act as an vibration expert. Automatically.

This means that you can set up hundreds of sensors and our software takes care of all the analysis in a split second and a fraction of the price.

Why Hexastate?

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Save up to 40% by monitoring your machines 24/7. This will give you continous and instant insights into your machines condition. You will be nofited by e-mail and/or SMS if we detect a fault in your machine.

Machine Health creates insights into your machines

Using Hexastates algorithms you will get insights into what condition that your machine is in no matter if it is a new or older machine.

Fully Automated Fault Diagnostic Module

Let the machines talk by using Hexastates fault diagnostics algorithm that automatically gives you an indication of what specific fault your machine has.

Cost-effective for all plant assets

We are often asked if this will break the bank and the short and clear answer is NO. The industry is used to expensive hardware and a need for experts to analyze the data. By using high precision wireless sensors and automated analysis Hexastate enables you to monitor hundreds of machines, not only highly critical but also indirectly critical machinery.

Digitalize your production in minutes

Through our web and mobile app you are able to easily set up sensors. And we mean it when we say it is easy. In minutes you can setup your machine, mount the sensor to the machine and scan the QR-code. Simple as that.

Optimize Your Work Flow and Save Money

By implementing a fully automated predictive maintenance solution you do not only avoid expensive downtime you also digitalizes your way of planning and performing maintenance. It enables you to make data driven decisions without you having to be an expert in complex data analysis.

Not Convinced Yet? Check Below.


You can get an overview of your machines on both our Web and Mobile App. This way you always have insights into how all of your machines are performing.


We have developed AI algorithms to quanitify the health of your machines. By monitoring your machines 24/7 our software will alert you when something is wrong. This enables you to go from reactive to predict maintenance.


Our AI algorithms are able to find the most outstanding faults when your machine starts to wear out. This means that you will be able to be much more efficient in your way to perform maintenance.


Hexastate will alert you when there is a change in condition on your machines. Our advanced alarm system is intellingent and will send you an e-mail and/or SMS. Its completely up to you.

Setup Done In Minutes

Use your desktop or app to setup machines and sensors. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up each sensor.

Quick Integration Into Existing Maintenance Software Systems

Use our REST-API to quick integrate our solution into your existing software


We have made it possible for you to book an online product demo easy and convient. By clicking on the button below you will be able to pick a timeslot that fits you. If none of the timeslots fits you then please reach out to our sales team on email: sales@hexastate.com.

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We monitor rotating machinery:

Electric Motors

Electric motors are a critical part of post production lines. And with Hexastates solution you are able to automaticaly detect faults such as misalignment, imbalance, looseness and bearing wear. 

Predictive maintenance electric motor


Pumps are ranked the most critical asset which means that up time is important. With todays technology it becomes hazzlefree to detect faults such as but not limited to misalignments, imbalance, looseness, bearing defects and cavitation


Detect misalignment, imbalance, looseness and bearing wear on either standalone bearing units or as a part of a machine.


Continuous belt vibrations causing steady damage, and V-Belt Drive Failure and Wear. Pulleys misaligned horizontally, vertically or axially.


Coupling Imbalance, wear and Non-parallel Coupling Faces 

Low cost. Easy to setup. Intelligent.

Hexastates cost-effective solution offers you the possiblity to monitor all of your plants assets.

How is this possible?

We fully automated everything with advanced aritficial intelligence software meaning that you don't have to spend time, resources or education in analyzing the complex vibration data. 

This combined with the newest wireless sensor technology enables you to have an advanced predictive maintenance solution to a fraction of the price. 

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