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“Today only 5% of all machines are monitored. Hexastate makes it profitable to monitor the remaining 95% with our innovative and fully automated solution.”

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Do you have one of these assets? Then Hexastate can save you worries and unforeseen costs.


Pumps are categorized as one of the most critical asset types in most industries, and by predicting faults it becomes possible to plan maintenance.
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Motors are a part of most operations. They have a high importance when looking at production uptime, as they make everything else run smoothly.
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Across all assets, machine failures are often caused by misinstallation or wear in bearings. By predicting these types of faults you avoid expensive downtime.
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HVAC systems consist of many important asset types, and monitoring those will increase reliability while optimizing the maintenance process to increase uptime.
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Set up in 3 simple steps

Screw or glue the sensor to the machine

Plug the gateway into power

Add the sensor to the platform and scan the QR-code on the sensor. Then you are good to go. Easy.