Condition Based Maintenance

Condition Based Maintenance

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What is Condition-Based Maintenance?


CBM is an abbreviation for Condition-Based Maintenance, which is a maintenance philosophy that enables you to get key insights of the condition of production machines and plan production maintenance in advance. With our solution, we can monitor the vibrations and forecast when production machines will break down. With our CBM solution you can detect unexpected breakdowns which enables you to avoid unnecessary costs of having a whole production line standing still. The concept of CBM is based on the possibility to plan out maintenance and avoid unnecessary costs and risk, which is shown in the below figure below.


At Hexastate, we measure the vibrations of production machines, which is one of the earliest stages possible to find deviations in the condition of a machine. Even before the machine temperature rises or noises begin, we can detect a potential failure on the machine. In that way, your production is still running at full functionality and is not exposed to any risk of breakdowns. Hexastate has developed a new generation of vibration sensors to detect failures and changes in condition on production machines.

Why choose Hexastate as your CBM partner?

Our solution is cloud based making your data both secure and accessible in an instant, which will help you to act fast and optimize your production.

With our technology you will be able to detect breakdowns in your production way before they happen!

You get access to our Artificial Intelligence powered software with an easy to understand interface helping you predict and plan your maintenance.

Avoid long searches for the correct sensor, as our VIBSA vibration sensor is market leading and functions in even the toughest environments.

Avoid heavy startup costs of your CBM solution – Hexastate offers a low cost subscription-based CBM solution, making it possible to try out the advantages of CBM with small monthly fees.

With Hexastate as your CBM partner, you don’t have to worry about training of employees – Hexastates CONNECT solution will be a plug and play solution, enabling you to focus on the things that matter for your business.

With Hexastate you a full end-to-end solution


State-of-the-art vibration sensors

We only use the best components on the market in our unique sensors!


Quick, secure and reliable data transfer

We use extremely fast and reliable 3G and 2G technology to transfer your data in a wide range of countries!


Easy to use software program

Our software is making it easy to do analysis and make decisions!


Quick support from vibration specialists

We are always ready to help you if you have any questions!

Hexastate can help you with these scenarios

Machine Health Monitoring




Asset Lifetime Utilization




Production Optimization




If you aren’t sure whether Hexastate can be a benefit for your production facility, you can calculate the potential cost reduction following this link.


We are fortunate to collaborate with market leading companies and institutions in Denmark







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