Hexastate and Leadec combine their expertise to bring customers one step closer to a fully automated maintenance workflow. Hexastate provides an industrial IoT solution which Leadec successfully integrates into its digital platform to create added value for its customers in manufacturing industries through condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.


As a service specialist for factories, Leadec has supported its customers for 60 years and is currently present at more than 300 sites worldwide. The technical services include cleaning, maintenance, and repair of equipment, optimized spare parts management or internal logistics, to name just a few. A particular focus is on providing IIoT-driven value for the shop floor.

Hexastate has developed an advanced industrial IoT solution that can predict breakdowns in production by utilizing artificial intelligence. Hexastate’s PREDICT platform transforms complex IoT data streams into usable information for the maintenance worker. Thereby, the users get an invaluable insight into the state of their machinery, all without any prior domain knowledge.

“We support our customers in unlocking the huge potential of IIoT-based solutions. At the heart of all services is our cloud-based Leadec.os platform, where we not only host and run our advanced IoT applications, but also plan, execute and document our service delivery in real time. One of our applications collects vibration sensor data on critical rotating machinery and analyzes it using the PREDICT platform. If the dashboard indicates that something is wrong with a motor or pump, for example, we initiate a service job via Leadec.os and intervene before it fails. By combining data and services, we create a fully digital end-to-end solution for our customers in the manufacturing industry,” says Dr. Bernd Voelpel, Global Head of Smart Factory Group at Leadec.

Avoid production downtime

With the Hexastate solution, companies can efficiently and accurately prevent breakdowns and ensure the efficiency of machines, entailing potentially huge savings. The solution can be implemented without any requirements regarding IT infrastructure and can be operated from either the mobile app or web platform.

For example, Leadec has equipped production-critical pumps in an automotive factory with vibration sensors and set up IoT connectivity. In Leadec.os, the service specialist monitors the vibration, analyzes the data with Hexastate’s solution, and can predict when a pump will fail. An order is triggered directly while still in Leadec.os, so a technician is already servicing the pump before it fails. This prevents a production interruption at the customer’s site, which in this case saves around 250,000 Euro per year.

By combining Leadec’s years of experience in the world’s factories with Hexastate’s IIoT solution, customers get an end-to-end solution that significantly improves their maintenance process. The next goal of the partnership is now to scale up the implementation so that even greater benefits can be achieved for end users and the participating companies.

“We see a great potential in scaling Hexastate’s IIoT solution together with Leadec; by combining Leadec’s many years of experience with Hexastate’s capabilities in vibration analytics, the foundation has been laid for value creation that meets and reaches new levels within predictive maintenance” says Malte Nørgaard, at Hexastate.

About Hexastate

Hexastate was founded in 2018 with the vision to help manufacturing companies avoid expensive breakdowns in their production by developing the leading IoT and AI-powered predictive maintenance solution in the industry. The background for this was that nearly all predictive maintenance solutions are either too manual; requiring much manpower and expertise, or too complex; which leads to the solution not being used. To solve that problem, much work had to go into simplification and user-friendliness.

The result is an advanced AI, constantly analyzing vibration data streams to provide them with actionable insights about their machines in a simple and useful manner, essentially acting as a team of vibration analysis experts. Assisted by fully wireless IoT sensors, the setup and installation for data collection has never been easier, or less intrusive to put into a production environment.

For more information about Hexastate go to: www.hexastate.com

About Leadec

Leadec is the leading global service specialist for factories across their entire life cycle and related infrastructure. The company, which is headquartered in Stuttgart, employs about 20,000 people worldwide. In 2021 Leadec earned sales of around EUR 940 million. For 60 years, Leadec has been supporting its customers along the entire production supply chain. The service provider is based at more than 300 sites, often directly at the customers’ plants and facilities.

Leadec’s global services comprise: Engineer (Production Planning & Optimization, Automation and Production IT), Install (Electrical Installation, Mechanical Installation and Relocation), Maintain (Production Equipment Maintenance and Technical Cleaning), Support (Technical Facility Management, Infrastructural Facility Management and Logistics) as well as other local services. The Leadec.os digital business platform is used to record all processes end-to-end and integrate further digital services.

For more information about Leadec go to: www.leadec-services.com



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